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Samsung galaxy s21 ultra vs Samsung Galaxy s22 ultra

Samsung galaxy s22 ultra vs s21 ultra -worth upgrade?

Samsung Recently launched its S series Samsung galaxy s21’s successor Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. There are too many differences between the s 21 ultra and the newly introduced s22 ultra. We have already shared top 9 best features of Samsung galaxy s22 ultra in our previous post, In this article,...

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – Top 9 Best Features

So the Galaxy S22 Ultra is out in the market and it is made from the best of both worlds, the S and Note series. It has a lot of notable upgrades over its predecessor so, let’s take a look at the top 9 best features of the new Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra that make it...

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Can PC screen really hurt your eyes?

This question has always arisen in your mind whenever you got scolded by your parents or you may have even faced eyestrain after spending a lot on PC. Can pc screen hurt your eyes or can it damage your eyesight? But the fact is that staring at a computer or...

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Smartphone Buying Guide 2022

Buying a Smartphone has never been a piece of cake. If you want to buy a smartphone, you must know why you want to buy, for whom you want to buy one and the most important thing is the budget you have decided to buy a phone. In this article,...

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