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amd ryzen 3 vs intel i3 - which one is better

AMD Ryzen 3 vs Intel i3 – Which one is better?

Ryzen 3 vs Does the processor even matter while buying a laptop? Yes, it matters a lot. But there is also a clash between these two processors – Ryzen 3 vs Intel i3. Starting from the performance to the processing power, the processor should be robust enough to handle all...

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alienware 17in laptop x17 r2

The Best Alienware 17in laptop? (x17 R2) Overview

The Most Powerful Alienware 17in laptop Ever? Alienware x17 r2 gaming laptop overview and Specification, is this the best 17in laptop? The new Alienware x17 r2, 17-inch gaming laptop, it’s powered by intel’s new 12th gen core series alder lake mobile processor platform as well as Nvidia’s new GeForce RTX...

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AMD Ryzen 6000 Series Laptops - Top 9 features

AMD Ryzen 6000 Series Laptops – Top 9 features

AMD announced new Ryzen 6000 CPUs and Radeon graphics for laptops. Here are top 9 features of AMD Ryzen 6000Series Laptops you need to know about. We have already compared Intel Core i3 vs amd ryzen 3, Intel core i5 vs AMD Ryzen 5 and Amd Ryzen 7 vs Intel...

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laptop theft prevention

How to protect your laptop from theft

When we are victims of the theft of our laptops, we usually despair because not only does the loss of our equipment hurt us. But the greatest disgust is because of the valuable documents, programs, and pending tasks stored on our personal computers. however you can prevent your laptop from...

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Can PC screen really hurt your eyes?

This question has always arisen in your mind whenever you got scolded by your parents or you may have even faced eyestrain after spending a lot on PC. Can pc screen hurt your eyes or can it damage your eyesight? But the fact is that staring at a computer or...

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intel i5 vs amd ryzen 5

Intel Core i5 vs AMD Ryzen 5

True it matters which laptop you use but so does the processor you use or want to use. You want the full benefit of the money you invest in a processor when buying a laptop. Intel and Ryzen among them it is hard to choose one processor as they have...

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Why there is a need for a Chromebook?

Before knowing why there is a need for a Chromebook, first, you must know what is a Chromebook and why it is used? What is a Chromebook? Chromebooks are generally a laptop or two in ones that run on the google chrome operating system. It helps the user to get...

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Laptop Vs Desktop – Which one is better?

Laptop vs Desktop: The battle between these two computer units have been always arisen in everyone’s mind before buying them. However, some might not so confused while buying any one of them. As they focus on what their requirements matter the most while buying the laptop or computer. But as...

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Do I need a Laptop cooling pad?

A laptop cooling pad is an accessory of a laptop that is used to reduce or control the temperature of the laptop. This is made possible with the help of the fans in them, which is responsible to flow cool air to always keep your laptop cool. It is mainly...

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best laptop for graphic designer

Best Laptops for Graphic Designer

In the Current Scenario, a Graphic design job is a most demanding job, and the thing which is stopping an individual to become a graphic designer is the best laptops that is suitable for a graphic designer, not all laptop is best for graphic designers. Every laptop serves the purpose...

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best laptops for engineering students

Best Laptop for engineering students [user guide]

Here is the list of all the available laptops at the budget of 50000/- to 75000/-, these are the affordable laptops engineering students can consider buying for all the work throughout their journey of Engineering. Nowadays, laptops have found a key role in any student’s life. Starting from effective study...

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